Embrace Healing &


Get started on your healing journey today. Whether you need a little guidance, healing or readings to get you headed in the right direction, you have come to the right place!
Get the motivation and inspiration you need by booking time with me!

The love and direct guidance you receive improves your health and balance on a molecular level

The quantum energy field responds to the peace, healing and balance that is sent out. No matter where you are in the world, you will receive the healing transmitted through the frequencies put out into the energetic field.

Various healing techniques that are utilized will be modified as needed to ensure your receptivity of the transmission.

1:1 Video Conference

Meditate, heal and receive readings from the comfort of your own home

We can meet on Zoom, FB/ IG messenger or phone call to talk face to face or over the telephone for readings, healings and life coaching. You also get the option of having a recording of the session.

Texting conferences are also available, take advantage of this option while it’s still available by sending me a message on  any of my socials.

Do you want to meet face to face and connect energetically for healing?

Are you sick anxious, nervous, worried, fearful or depressed causing regular distress?

Do you want to feel better, more balanced, at peace and content within your circumstances?

So over all of the stress?

Do you want to normalize your energy and decrease or eliminate symptoms from your chronic diseases?

Are you ready to leave exhaustion and moodiness behind you?

Group Classes

Join in a community of people with like minds to develop your gifts and work on your accomplishments

Check out the options available for group classes, from meeting over zoom for group video conferences, or meeting in person and participating in different healing groups and classes.

Check here to see what is currently available for group meetings for as little as $10-$25 a meeting.

Meet with like minds, and receive healing and guidance in a group setting.

Do you want to participate in Reiki healing, but can’t quite afford one to one sessions?

Do you want to learn how to read Tarot cards, and develop your intuition as a spiritual mentor?

Are you searching for a guide to lead you on a journey to transcendence and enlightenment?

Do you enjoy group meditation sessions that promote peaceful and calming environments for tapping into your higher-self and consciousness?

Do you want to participate in group sound healing sessions to align your frequency to the higher vibrations of the universe?

In Person Sessions

You can meet me in person in Merritt Island, Florida.

Come to Unit 30 to receive in person, one to one sessions for healing, manual point neuro-stimulation, life coaching or psychic card readings.

Check here to see what times I have available for in person meetings. No matter what your needs are, my healing table is available for you.

Do you prefer to have hands on healing sessions with direct contact and presence from your healer?

Are you feeling ungrounded, off balance or not centered in your own energy?

Do you feel a partial soul loss from past trauma or experiences in your life?

Are you ready to reclaim your power and improve your energy levels?

Do you want to feel better and decrease symptoms of chronic diseases?

Are you ready to feel relief from aches and pains in your body?