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Your guide

Hello, I am Crystal, a wife, a mother, a healer, and liscensed healthcare professional expanding into my soul’s path as a heart centered self-employed Healer and Life Coach.

With compassion and empathy as my biggest healing tools, I am able to tap into your subconcious needs for healing through listening and understanding your current state of emotions, and help by guiding you to finding the solutions to your own problems.  

In Love We Rise

With Fear there is Drive

Crystal’s Ascension LLC

is a unique journey through welllness to people being called to do their innerwork.

Bridging the gap between the scientific and spiritual aspects of healing, by integrating logic and feeling needed to achieve a state of wholeness.

It is an evolutionary process that supports one step at a time to more love, wellness and peace in the world, through self healing and innerwork to raise the vibrations of the entire planet and the collective conciousness we all share. 

In love we rise, with fear there is drive. When we face our fears and keep love real, we can achieve anything! 

We can no longer subscribe to the idea that it is  either love OR fear. There can only be both, a perfect balance, the yin and yang. And when we own truths and harness our fears, we take control of ourselves and our lives by finding what drives us, and use it to redefine everything. 

If you’re anything like me, you need to convince your logical brain of truth before you can believe in it, which is why it has seriously taken me forever to show my face to the public, as I’ve been working diligently behind closed doors on my own healing, with a limited belief that I can not heal others, when I need healing myself. When in actuality, the highest truths always support us in knowing that when we have faith and trust in something, it will all work out, and we are healing eachother constantly by healing ourselves. So in knowing this, I realize we have to convince our brains that healing is even possible, and we do that by giving all the supporting evidence, through researching the latest technological advances and applying them to our unique healing practices. 

With that being said, my practice is constantly evolving and changing with the latest and most effective techniques for physical and emotional healing.

This includes but is not limited to; dietary changes, bioelectro-magnetic energy regulation, concious connections with earth’s frequency, observing thoughts and emotions through meditation or life coaching sessions, setting short term goals to making small accomplishments and so much more! 

There isn’t one method for every person, though there are certain methods and techniques that many groups of people will benefit from. Every single individual will have a unique outline for what they need, based on their indivual fears and desires.

I will use my intuitive process to observe one’s emotions and explanations of their problems, then refelct and ask direct questions as a part of the creative process that will guide us to discovering their solutions. This process is designed to trigger a self healing process, ultimately creating a sense of personal achievement through problem solving their own issues, and creating their solutions. This is Life Coaching, and it supports the idea that if there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, it is for you. 

I also offer an older method of this idea that I’ve been gradually evolving from, Tarot & Oracle reading sessions, and as a Reiki Master Teacher, I can meet people where they are through physical images and discriptions through the Fool’s Journey. This is a technique that uses a combination model of reading and coaching, through the cards that represent your energy, and from that I’m able to assist in refelcting varying possibilities in your life that may unfold, based on the past and present energies. 

All of my services are offerred through video conferencing, in person and group retreat settings. 


Whether you believe in a Higher Power or not, this healing will work for you.

I have methods of healing for every type of person, no matter what your beliefs, emotional or physical ailments are.

Some of the modalities I use include Reiki (hands on energy healing), Relaxing massage techniques, Manual Neuro-Point Stimulation, and Tarot/ Oracle cards.



In Love We Rise

Client Success Stories

Had a grounding tarot spread with Crystal today and she was so spot on with what’s going on in my life right now. She’s super kind and while she takes her readings seriously she’s not afraid to joke around a little as well. Will definitely have more readings in the future with her.

Mark Mueller

Oregon, USA

She’s such a sweetheart. Definitely puts you at ease and shows you she cares about your situation. Definitely recommend

Glenda Lee Starts

Florida, USA

Very accurate and straight to the point. I liked the reading because she went in depth with a certain situation which now I feel better bec I have more clarity. thank you so much for your energy highly recommended

Rachel Baldwin

Crystal’s Ascension, In Love We Rise

Be prepared to work hard on your own self-love, releasing issues from the past holding you back, healing and achieving your goals, one step at a time.

When you work with me, you gain so much more than just a life coach or a healer, you gain a soul mate whose destiny is to help you fulfill needs you didn’t know that you had!

The benefits of working with me include achieving peace, contentment, feeling whole, accomplishing your goals and healing your body, mind and spirit.