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Common Questions answered, including What is Reiki?

Reiki is a practice of Channeling Universal Life Force Energy into the recipient, using tools including sound healing, with optional use of crystals, and light touch.

Universal Life Force Energy can be explained as the mother’s kisses to a “boo-boo,” or the gentle and comforting embrace that comforts a crying child. Our energy bodies start developing at infancy, and depending on each personal experience we go through can affect the energy body in different ways ie; getting needs met as a crying baby , or feeling seen and heard as a toddler learning to express himself can lead to healthy root and sacral chakras. When the root and sacral chakras are not developed in an healthy way, we often need a series of assisted healing sessions to clear and reset them. The Chakras all need certain energetic balancing for developing the chakras, often provided by the mother, and father of a developing child. 

What are the Chakras?

The Chakra system is a sequence of unseen energy vortices in the living bodies of humans, animals and plants that can hold energetic imbalances that can be unhealthy. The Reiki treatment is an energetic clearing and charging of the energy body, assisted by the Reiki Healer in a deep meditative state of concentration on your unique needs. 

Is Reiki Safe for Christianity?

This question is a common question, and I can say with confidence and in short, yes!!! Reiki is completely safe for Christians and people that hold beliefs of varying types. Any service provided can be tailored to your unique beliefs within the limitations of what is holy, righteous and resonates with higher vibrational forces of the universe, including but not limited to; Jesus Christ, Buddah, Krishna, and other ascended healing Masters including the founders of Reiki; Mikao Usui, Chujiro Hayashi and Toshitaka Mochizuki.

This Reiki experience with ME will always be relaxing and promote self healing. The Reiki practitioners do not heal you, we guide and teach you to heal yourself.

Healing others through self healing

Using your personal life experiences, identifying your own shadow and subconscious traits through challenges, you learn to integrate what sets you apart! Ultimately, you heal others that surround you when you heal yourself! 

Step into your power and choose proven modalities that help others along their journey to health, peace, success, love and gratitude. 

Whether you need to work on it for a month+ long, work in a group program for spiritual self empowerment, or just need support to start taking clear actions to practical goals, you’re in the right space for the support you need! 

If there is any complacency with where you are now, and you have a vague idea of where you want to be, but don’t see the way… Choose to work with Crystal and allow your inner truth to be shown to you!

How I work with clients…

Virtual one on one, virtual groups and occasional in person meet ups

1:1 Video Conference

Meet over Zoom, messenger or phone call for a personalized session with optional recording takeaway

Group Classes

Sign up for in person or virtual group classes including Shamanic Drumming, Sound Healings, Mediumship Development, Chakra Masterclass, Reiki Meetings, Tarot workshops and more.

In person Healing

Is currently by personal appointment only in either Merritt Island or St Augustine, FL, please contact me for details

We all recieve the call, but few choose to take it

Life has many ups and downs, turns and unexpected things happen constantly. It is often how we respond to it through the lense of our own perceptions and expencations that cause us great grief, disease in the body and sufferring. 

Through coaching, support and guidance, you can find the light within yourself, and all around you, that is pulling you to your highest and best path in life. 

We all need a little support sometimes, and eventually will learn how to see the signs of tranformation for ourselves.

The key to change is in the surrender to the flow of love, and using our fears as self motivatation and drive for change, instead of being controlled by our fears through resistance, enabling a caged in sense into your very own limited belief systems. 

There has never been a better time to hear your soul’s calling than right now. 

Client Success Stories

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Florida, USA

Reviews Being Updated


Florida, USA

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Florida, USA



Medicine Music for Your Soul

Music and sound healing promote an environment for deep healing and transformation to take place. 

Crystal Sound Healing bowls attuned to 432 HZ is used with mediation techniques in group setting to facilitate a deep healing experience. 

Consistent drum beats allow us to connect deeper with our conscious and subconscious mind.